How well Could You Prepare for Your Exams

Learn, good soul,
To think our former state a happy dream;
From which awak’d, the truth of what we are
Shows us but this: I am sworn brother, sweet,
To grim Necessity; and he and
Will keep a league till death.
(William Shakespeare“”)





Exam preparation requires not just a cautious approach rather a conscious work out. The greatest Russian leader Vladimir Lenin has asked all his comrades to study , study and study that more study can refine the ideas of his followers and hence can empower their minds with clarity and versatility. As resourcefulness is the mother of any innovation what your reading can give you is the godsend that can enrich any life. Studies can be carried on three levels as regular preparation and drills or practices, extra regular practices and therapeutic practices  to hone ahead your skills.

Regular measures

What you study you yield. Your mind is a rational entity that it will always linger on constantly what you come across. Whatever the mind comes across it will create a visual for itself and will keep a record of it…consciously or unconsciously.. For that matter we cannot behave like the three monkeys an d cannot close our sensory organs. When this kind of trait is meant for the mind it is safe that we concentrate on something and make our mind bend towards hat we intend to dictate it will abide by. Hence, be attentive in class and keep a sharp eye and ear for listening.

Listen the key points…listen the beginning and end of the lecture

Watch the body language of the orator..Learn about the weightage he offers on the key points. Keep a bunch of papers in your hand sand scribble al notes of hints, key words and the key expressions. Go back home recall what he lectured through rewarding and recalling. Try draw a mind map technique so that the visuals of the central idea and the peripheral factors to envisage in front of your eyes clearly.

Maintain a daily and weekly schedule of study. Spend more time in library so that you can get an access towards all reference materials. Do the drills given by your teacher without any face shrivel. Negotiate wherever with the staff for more rewards..

Technical measures or extra regular practices.

Have advanced reading of whichever stuff is delivered to you. Advanced reading will give you a depth in your reading and motivate your teacher too. It will enhance your confidence. Keep reading faster. Fast reading will give you the gist of all the fast reading you will be unconsciously going through the paragraphs and your subconscious will linger on certain factors. A reading situation must be quite and serene, if you do not get one go in search of it. Read first any paragraph and comprehend. Global comprehension will give you getting the general ideas and the second level comprehension you will be summing up more points. First give a reading and then comprehend.. then give  a second reading .leave alone the unimportant points while reading. Make a note of important points on the side of the bookmark the specific points.. Or underline..

Good reading timings

5 m to 7 am..Early morning reading..9 am to 12 pm late morning reading..7.30 pm to 12 pm for late evening reading; introverts can prepare the early mornings but extroverts can prefer the evening reading. Keep memory sheets in hand.

During exams prepare the last exam firs t and when you arrive the last subject in preparation the first exam will be closer. Sleep well during exams ..may be you may end up reading till 12 and can close down yet wake up early ..Then prepare. On the day of the examination you need to sleep until 5.00 am.


Food can be taken at relevant timings say you have a plan of regular food and you don’t need to change that. Avoiding the breakfast will weaken your heart and don’t do that. Consume a lot of raw vegetables. Eat more fruits. Going to parties’ films on exams will demotivate you and don’t do that. Consume water nd tea whenever you need as they would keep you fresh and may not giv e you digestive troubles.

Therapeutic measures.

These are all simple meditation techniques’ few schools are offering pramnayama and yoga practices that can be learnt and practiced by you.

Isha yoga centre gives you a seven day programme.

Valum kalai gives you a week assignment and as well as Ravishankar’s classes offer you enough practice in pranayama and yoga. They are good because they will create

A vacuum in our mind….improvise creative intelligence.. And give solace from our worries.

Count 100 to 0 through a descending order closing your eyes. This will help you relax before doing anything. Early morning is the good time for meditation. Keep your stomach empty. That is needed for your physical stimulus to settle down. Keep yourself easy in a chair, observe silence and ask you family member s to cooperate with you. Keep both of your hands on your lap and sit in leg folded position which is padmasana.. keep you back erect and practice meditation. However Rajneesh has a different method you can sit in an easy chair and close eyes to meditate.


Read the text in a linear fashion to have the knowledge about how the text unfolds in front of you and how the factors shown in the text are linearly proven. All sentences have link in between them and hence while reading read the first sentence then read the second one and go back to the first one.

Organize your reading by giving a phase of all what you have read , probably after reading the whole paragraph you can give a phase and recollect and think about the factors found in the text in a pro- con pattern.

Analyze the factors given in the text with those relevant readings you have given earlier..Compare..Contrast..

Get more details about the text and maters dealt with the text and that is where you will do some rereading on it.


About rabalakrishnan

I am a Tamil writer and translator in English and Tamil languages ,teaching communicative skills in a Coimbatore based college. Is also a bachelor and offer consultancy in translation, editing and communicative skills for multinational companies.
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