ERIC FROMM has revealed that psychiatrists can only bring an abnormal person to the level of a normal accepted person in terms of social conditions and he can never make someone a complete person which means by no standard a psychiatrist himself is not a complete man. but these psychiatrists who would taker shelter into religion quite frequently and mke sfe commentaries are not at al looking into …the world of the Affected ones and counsel them. one psychiatrist from coimbatore will do the ervice of seperating young lovers for the benefit of parents.. he earns  15 lakhs in a year and remains un married.very peculiar creatures these psychiatrists are .. never understand the transformation of society .. never gives importance to individual feelings.. should understand homosexuality is also a natural way of seeking sex.homosexuals were punished even during shakespear’s times that GAVESTON WAS INSERTED A HOT ROD INTO HIS ASS AFTER THE DEATH OF HENRY 4 TH.the same perversion beinng genetically trnsmuted through the ages and is reflected through psychiatrists as authorities of human personality..
Daysago an another one psychiatrist has confused a 33 years young woman that she should not me married to a young man -27 years old as it is  not culturally accepted.was n’t our culture had  sati ?when RAJARAM MOHAN ROY WERE NOT BORN WON’T THEY COUNSEL ALL WIDOWWS TO ACCEPT SATI?HOW CAN WE LOOK INTO THE MARRIAGES OF SACHIN AND DHANUSH OR EVEN ABHISHEK BACHAN AS THEY ARE MARRIED TO ELDERLY WOMEN?THIS IS TIME PSYCHIATRISTS SHOULD HAVE SENSE IN ANALYSING HUMAN PERSONALITY.


About rabalakrishnan

I am a Tamil writer and translator in English and Tamil languages ,teaching communicative skills in a Coimbatore based college. Is also a bachelor and offer consultancy in translation, editing and communicative skills for multinational companies.
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