Talking nuclear is no inhuman

Talking Nuclear is no Inhuman



Anti nuclear protesters have come with an idea that how bulk power generation that is spotless, anti nuclear power can be generated in the form of wind, hydro, tidal and solar energies that requires teamwork from all governments and it should also be done on a war footing like how it did take place during the the second world war that how flights and flotilla have been built. It is a good idea. 


Based on that I have my queries,


How did you estimate this production while the population is ever changing and intensifying?


In this case how can you fashion equilibrium among all nations as the precincts are not just geographical but also political?


For hydro-project s we need to have big block ups and it would be opposed by the environmentalists and anti nuclear people themselves,


Anti nuclear movement would never have any other concerns about other things? In Coimbatore and neighboring towns the public and the peasants in huge numbers are protesting yearn for power and they need an early commission of koodankulam reactor.


The anti nuclear movement will not permit nuclear reactors to produce electricity because they are ;


Prone to perilous radiation

Will affect the vegetation and fauna

And waste management is a risky affair that it will not cave in even after millions of years.

nuclear scientists all over the world have answered them that the radiation can be restricted and proscribed as well as safety can be guaranteed with reference to new generation reactors- which is not accepted by them . Look at this, their arguments are hypothetical and provide just one or two instances as examples and will not accept cases that are experimentally proven. For example, they have not asked for a mock-up about the safety measures in koodankulam rather they ask for a few design documents and will squabble how the Soviet scientists are asking for modification. Another important issue is that they never dither to blame everyone talking about supporting the nuclear energy as people with no brains. They cite nuclear energy as the product of capitalism, if so which is not the product of capitalism –is n’t all science and technology the products of capitalism?

Michael Foucault tried to argue that all institutions as the products of capitalism estrange people from their core and is deviated from the mainstream, say a mentally challenged would be estranged and kept in isolation in a safe haven. When anti biotics were innovated this estrangement has become an important function in the intervention of patients otherwise deaths would be imminient;a condition that would be when an  epidemic is not something which is imposed on by a socio economic system rather it is a naturally enforced one. Huge animals like dinosaurs could not endure holocaust conditions though they abide by nature in all forms. Nature was ruthless. When somebody wants to get a treatment for any serious disorder like a cardiogenic syndrome or a malignant muddle the patient has to be isolated or kept into an institution and has to be taken care of. Otherwise in which way an intervention would become a possibility? Perhaps in dealing with the criminals, the genesis of crime is given attention and the human right commission would be arguing for better prison conditions. The anti nuclear people argue that though there is radiation exposure during x ray photography or flight travel there is a provision of choice the consumer can make is not the right argument.


Air travel or x ray photography or an anesthetics intervention imposes certain conditions and not choice… They are decided by the physician. When socio economic systems emerge into various forms -be it is feudal or capitalistic they want such particular system to withstand ,make certain   power to the ruling class but it should be accepted that capitalism ensures human existence as it is a market based one and importantly it gives value for lot of imagination of human beings. Capitalism has two features as its retribution;


One is that the share of wealth will not be common but anybody can share wealth with the trick or imagination.

It ensures power which is a real evil -once power shifts to a few centers that would only ask for supremacy.


With these arguments we can say that science evolved by capitalism will be profit motivated and not quality deviated. Whatever that comes through to the imagination of human mind will be adapted by capitalism—not just on immediate profit but also something that can earn profit in a longer run. Nuclear energy if it is challenged by nature quite frequently no problem the corporate would never mind to discard that.AP 1000 reactors with new safety measures are going to be funded – for research  by the Microsoft corporation. When European nations have developed nuclear energy for civil or defense purposes they had in mind to ensure that superiority and now when they feel like transfer for that at least temporarily it means they are going to wait and watch and improvise..The reason that Germany has increased its production after FukushiMa means that it can simultaneously silence its nuclear critics and wait and watch for any kind of product. It also buys from France.


This is possible for European countries with their less population but in Asian countries the picture may be different that the public need power in any means.actualLy in tamilnadu the public are anxious about commission koodankulam…especially in Coimbatore because the population is technically sound and can understand the value of life on pragmatic terms..This is only true contrary to the opinions of anti koodankulam protestors.


What is the nature of the koodankulam movement? It is a kaleidoscope of various interests bundled together whilst the major political parties are not avert to have it the smaller outfits…Seeman’s Tamil desam is depressed about the genocide in srilanka and tries to give voice against the union government; so also is Nedumaran’s Thamil Desiya Iyakkam.vai ko and Ramadoss are looking at the direction of the wind..Vaiko will always be at the losing end.these interest cannot change the current of political trend and only romantics will spend time in looking more serious about the happenings.


When the reactor at kknpp can blast through nature how come an old dam like Mullaperiyar will withstand. Why naturalists are not having any say about the Mullaperiyar?





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I am a Tamil writer and translator in English and Tamil languages ,teaching communicative skills in a Coimbatore based college. Is also a bachelor and offer consultancy in translation, editing and communicative skills for multinational companies.
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