we dont like to eat innocent fish

1:38 PM (55 minutes ago)
I went through the extensive report submitted by the expert committee appointed by the government of India on scrutinizing the safety of the KKNPP reactor at KOODANKULAM and allaying the fears of the public and answer the queries of the ANTI KKNPP protestors’ feel the report lays down principles through which each and every question of the anti nuclear protestors been answered.
Their argument about the safety of reactor during natural disasters is answered that the reactors are built in a safe environment after making proper geological analysis with qualified geologists’. I  know one geologist from DRDO   , now living in Japan is the one who got selected through the  NEHRU  COMMONWEALTH FELLOWSHIP WHICH IS A VERY RARE HONOR. THE ANTI NUCLEAR  PROTESTORS HAVE GOT A SPECIALIST WHO IS NOT A COMPETENT  ONE AND MAKES COMMENTS LIKE THERE ARE VOLCANOES FOUND IN THAT AREA IS A Bluff .The reactor is  Also kept in a far distance and is aided with the core catcher technology supported with  MORON SALT  SPRAY that can contain fission of  HYDROGEN  molecules.
The report covers cancer and other diseases studied by ASPIRE an NGO referred by PMANE as invalid as it takes case of only the presence of cancer cases and not incidence. It is a wonderful analysis that exposes the stand of anti nuclear protestors how stupid their claims are. I have involved myself in guiding number of behavioral studies and confirm that It requires longitudinal approach to research medical – pathological cases which needs to be done on clusters and relevant lab tests. This is not found in ASPIRE Test.
Another finding g IS ABOUT the radiation risks at coastal areas of Kerala infested with  RADIATION is countered by – the report that  PMANE depends on ,is based on studies related to radiation research conducted before 1977  and not those ones conducted after 1984   which is important that current studies deal with radiation risks in an advanced fashion and hence have proven that the project radiation and the radiation around the areas are tolerable and not at all risky. Also the cancer ration  found in radiation area is just 0.47 and the overall cancer ratio is 4.30—cancer ratio found in Chernobyl area itself is marginal only due to a human failure the holocaust has  taken place .. imagine what Chomsky has written in 1980 s,’ THE WESTERN MEDIA ARE MAGNIFYING THE LOSSES OF CHERNOBYL’.
A DANGEROUS ANTI NATIONAL SENTIMENT IS CREEPING IN TAMIL NADU THAT UNPOPULAR SLOGANS ARE PROPAGATED LIKE, INDIA IS NOT A NATION’. Then what is a nation? Can we reset the boundaries of each and every federal state in India as well as  Tamil Nadu in this age of liberalization? While thinking about the safety of public in view of industrial accidents is a valid point, industries should not be established is not at all a valid argument.
The three districts which have been affected by power shortage are Coimbatore, erode, karur in those streets I have come across 1000s of protesters beyond any political clout are arguing for commissioning of the  KKNPP REACTOR AND FEARLESSLY SAY,ARREST UDHAYA KUMAR.WHILST  I WON’T FAVOR ARREST UDHAYA KUMAR I WILL SAY START KOODANKULAM AND IF WE FIND ALTERNATIVE RESOURCES WE CAN SHUT DOWN THE PLANT.I DON’T THINK NUCLEAR ENERGY PRODUCTION IS JUST A HISTORY BECAUSE IN THIS YEAR FINLAND IS GOING TO COMMISSION ITS REACTORS AND UK AND FRANCE ARE EXPANDING PRODUCTION WHILE US  HAS ALREADY EXPANDED PRODUCTION.AT LEAST 100 COUNTRIES INCLUDING COMMUNIST COUNTRIES ARE TRYING TO HAVE NUCLEAR ENERGY AND ARE APPROACHING IA EA.Pakistan and china are aggressive . When European nations revert to coal energy as they are paying huge carbon credits for us they will also pollute the atmosphere more. Do we need more carbon credits? Or clean environment? The PMANE protestors are not voicing against IRAN  which develops defense nuclear programme.when evidence is provided about safety they ask the authorities to remove plant and keep it in Delhi .IF SO THEY CAN STOP BUYING CLOTHES FROM Coimbatore while we have no hesitation to stop eating fish.. .VALID RESEARCH ALL OVER WORLD IS GOING ON ABOUT NUCLEAR SAFETY AND IT CAN THRIVE.WHEN ASKED ABOUT HE NO CLEAR SUPPORT FOR ANTI NUCLEAR PROTESTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD FROM THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY – THEY REPLY ‘ GOVERNMENTS ARE NOT FUNDING FOR ANTI NUCLEAR RESEARCH.ARE WE ALL FOOLS TO BUY THIS ARGUMENT?
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I am a Tamil writer and translator in English and Tamil languages ,teaching communicative skills in a Coimbatore based college. Is also a bachelor and offer consultancy in translation, editing and communicative skills for multinational companies.
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One Response to we dont like to eat innocent fish

  1. Raja says:


    “we have no hesitation to stop eating fish.. After all who is eating much fish As most of the INDIANS are vegetarians.”

    above are the lines from the editorial,that made me feel Mr R BALAKRISHNAN is immature to write on public concerns….

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